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Ice Cream Van Insurance Quote Request

As you may already know, finding an experienced ice cream van insurer is not the easiest thing in the world!
Congratulations, you have finally found a site that can help.
If you are just buying, considering buying or already own an ice cream van, here is a site to help with all your ice cream van insurance requirements.
Links with a number of leading van insurers to provide a full range of insurance products and covers, specifically designed for your business.
Insurance quotes are available for new or second-hand vans, trailers, carts, trikes, van conversions and many more.
If you need help and advice for your ice cream business then why not call Giles-Insurance on 01628 667 707, who will be happy to help.
Our insurance policies not cover the van, they cover the fixtures and fittings as well
If for any reason they are unable to assist (with our 24 years of insurance industry experience), they can normally point you in the right direction.
They believe it is important to talk to our customers, as everyone has very individual and personal insurance needs, especially with an ice cream business.
At Giles Insurance they can offer specialist insurance products for either single or fleets of ice cream vans. Unlike some insurance companies and brokers who are unable to quote, or quote expensive premiums, they have the knowledge and experience to help you get a competitive quote. They do not believe in charging you to join a club and do not charge an administration fee for new policies.
If this is the first time that you have insured an ice cream van, and you have a no claims bonus on another motor vehicle, they may be able to offer an introductory discount of up to 65%. If this is not the first time, or you do not
have any no claims bonus, other introductory discounts may be available.
Are you paying too much for your ice cream van insurance?
Would you like to talk to an experienced insurance adviser about our ice cream van insurance schemes?
How many ice cream vans do you own? Do you need a quote on one ice cream van or a fleet of ice cream vans?
Offering a full range if ice cream related insurance packages, from a Sole Traders Public & Employers Liability to Large Commercial Ice Cream Manufacting Risks.
Also available: Mobile catering, sandwich vans or refrigerated vans?
Are you finding them difficult or expensive to insure?
Looking for a company who can offer an exclusive facility for caterers?
Are they able to offer cover for heated and refrigerated delivery van e.g. jiffy vans?

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Jiffy Van Insurance

The facility can quote, including FULL FIRE COVER for heated vans.

Contact on 01628 667707 to discuss full details